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5 Benefits of Content Marketing

What if a single form of marketing could completely transform your company? Content marketing is a real game-changer in terms of marketing and selling your products and services. Unfortunately, many companies haven’t focused on content because they don’t fully understand the benefits of content marketing. 

Wondering what content can do for you and your company? Keep reading to discover the best benefits of content marketing!

1. Improved SEO

Digital marketing is a tricky thing. It’s not enough to create a top-notch website and killer products. You must also ensure that the right customers are following your digital footprints!

A large part of why content marketing works is that it improves your SEO. In fact, it positively impacts your SEO on multiple levels.

First, having more indexed web pages is going to give your site a boost on Google. And while it can be difficult to crack the Google code, everyone generally agrees that creating a larger pool of high-quality content is the way to go.

Second, more content can increase your domain authority. And with higher domain authority, your website naturally rises through the ranks.

Finally, marketing through content such as guest posting helps dramatically increase your referral traffic. This lets you “piggyback” off of popular websites and bring that many more new visitors into the fold.

Long story short? You crafted the perfect website and product. Now, you need to craft the kind of marketing that puts you on the map.

2. Better Sales

Speaking of products, we shouldn’t mince words: the ultimate goal of any marketing is to boost your sales. And it turns out that content marketing is one of the most effective ways to accomplish that goal.

This is largely because customers go through multiple “stages” before they decide to buy a product. Unless they are snagging a cheap impulse buy, it’s going to take time and effort for you to win them over.

Broadly speaking, you can break this down into 3 purchasing stages: brand awareness, purchase consideration, and purchase decision. Ideally, your business is nurturing consumers at every stage of this process.

Great content helps to build that initial level of brand awareness. And content that is useful and relevant to your demographic builds a kind of loyalty and rapport that makes consumers likelier to consider a purchase.

By the time they pull the trigger on a purchase, they feel confident in your brand and your products thanks to solid content marketing. And this isn’t a new trick. Instead, you are simply using content marketing to enhance your inbound leads and, quite soon, your conversions.

3. Longterm ROI

For many marketing strategies, a natural drawback is a cost. For example, PPC is great for driving short-term traffic, but if you don’t pursue organic SEO, you’re just going to keep bleeding PPC money each month.

This leads to yet another reason that content marketing is so great. Not only does it cost very little to produce, but it offers your company immense long-term value.

For example, good content may be as simple as an informative blog or an informal video. This is the kind of content that you or one of your employees could knock out in a single day at no real cost.

And then you can turn around and share that content through a variety of different channels. Maybe you use it to increase your social media synergy (more on this in a moment) or launch your own video channel on Youtube.

By focusing on “evergreen” content, you’ll get years of use out of everything you produce. And each piece of new content helps further boost your SEO and sales.

4. Social Synergy

As great as content marketing is, your business needs to aggressively pursue other strategies as well. For example, a robust social media strategy is at the heart of every successful modern business.

These different strategies shouldn’t be cut off from one another, though. And when you do it right, each strategy simply enhances the other.

With social media, many consumers don’t simply want you to advertise your product. And when they do see an ad, it better be perfect! Most social media visitors simply come to enjoy a mixture of community and content.

It’s possible to build engaging content directly into your social media posting via polls and user questions. But if you’ve been building up a steady library of awesome content, why not engage in some social synergy of your own?

By giving your most dedicated users the content they want, you help cultivate brand loyalty. And as they share your content with their own friends and family, your social media and website traffic will only grow.

5. Brand Awareness Boost

Brand awareness and solid SEO have a symbiotic relationship. The better your content, the higher you rise in the search rankings. And the higher your rank, the more your traffic will increase.

Your ultimate goal is to become the number one result for SEO-targeted phrases. That means that when customers search for that phrase, your business is literally the first thing they will see instead of being buried further down in the results.

Every single person who searches for that phrase is now going to discover your company. This helps your brand awareness grow by leaps and bounds.

That boost continues for customers who repeat that phrase search as well. If they continue to see your company whenever they search for that phrase, you’ll stay on top of their mind as they transition from the “purchase consideration” phase over to the “purchase decision” phase.

And never forget that good content is about more than luring in website traffic. By providing content that customers find engaging, relevant, funny, and thoughtful, you create the kind of brand loyalty that can define an entire industry.

Benefits of Content Marketing: The Future Of Your Business

Now you know the primary benefits of content marketing. But do you know who can help you create content that is downright transcendent?

We’re here to help with everything from brand consulting to creative content. To see what we can accomplish together, contact us today!

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